Shakira’s new Sєxy short blonde shaggy bob cut is giving us major hair envy! Are you loving this sᴀssy new look as much as we are

Shakira is known for sultry dance moves and lyrics, so she definitely has an image to maintain. She doesn’t let us down with her Sєxy, shaggy bob seen at an awards ceremony in Spain.

Shakira rabiosa | Shakira

Shakira’s bob has several blunt-cut layers: bangs at eye length, a few strands staggered in around the ears, the majority ending at the neck, and a narrow section in the front that hangs to the collarbone.

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With all these layers in motion, Shakira is going to be able to give her head a great-looking shake as she does her signature hip movements. Her luscious curly hair has evolved over the years, from an intense red hue through various shades of blonde. She’s sometimes gone for the chop and sported a neat bob or worn her hair up in elegant up-dos. Here are 12 of her most memorable looks:

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